Synergy Worx Wheel Cleaner

We have a strange but obvious feeling that you’re sick and tired of using a Wheel Cleaner that smells like pure acid and burns your eye balls every time you use it. Since we are too, we’re proud to inform you that you can now throw out your Hazmat Suit because we’ve created a Wheel Cleaner that is not only effective, but smells great too! Our mad scientists in the Synergy Worx lab created a special formula that has moderately introduced the smell of berries without sacrificing the performance of the cleaning properties.
Not only does it help making the wheel cleaning process a whole lot easier, it’s also Eco Friendly!


Step 1:

Spray directly on wheel
Step 2
Let sit for 30 seconds to break down break dust, dirt and grime
Step 3
Rinse wheel off thoroughly


  • We understand that cleaning wheels isn’t exactly a walk in the park. They’re 4 of them, they’re low so you’re busting your back, and they’re probably the dirtiest part of the car. BUT… Synergy Worx Wheel Cleaner is here to help make your life a little easier! When driving, wheels gradually collect dirt, grime and brake dust leaving the wheels with a dark and gloomy look that’s appealing to nobody. Fortunately for Detailers and Consumers everywhere, we designed Synergy Worx Wheel Cleaner to help cover all of the basics and then some!
  • Synergy Worx Wheel Cleaner is effective, safe on most finishes and doesn’t give off an unbearable odor when being used. When using Synergy Worx Wheel Cleaner, you can expect to see the product reacting (when breaking down dirt, grime and brake dust) as it targets Iron Deposits turning the wheel Red in color, almost as if the wheel is left bleeding. Once Synergy Worx Wheel Cleaner breaks down all of the heavy dirt, grime and break dust, the rest of the wheel cleaning process will moving along swiftly.
  • For the best results, confirm the wheels are cool to the touch prior to applying Synergy Worx Wheel Cleaner. Do not apply Synergy Worx Wheel Cleaner to a hot wheel as staining may occur. Apply Synergy Worx Wheel Cleaner evenly over the entire wheel and let the product agitate any dirt, grime or brake dust. After waiting 15-30 seconds, rinse the wheels thoroughly removing any product that was applied to the wheels. Follow behind with Synergy Worx Car Shampoo and then Synergy Worx Detail Spray in order to achieve a clean and fresh finish!

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