Synergy Worx Waterless Wash

Synergy Worx Waterless Wash

Let’s hope there’s never a shortage on water, but in the event the world goes on fire and that day comes, we got you covered! Since micro scratches during the Waterless Wash process is a thing of the past, we specifically designed our Waterless Wash to make cleaning safe and easy for all finishes including Paint, Vinyl and Clear Bra! Being so simple yet effective, our Waterless Wash will make you forget washing your car with water was ever an option!


Step 1:

Spray a generious amount of product on surface or on microfiber
Step 2
Wipe down surface with Microfiber towel until surface is clean
Step 3
Enjoy clean vehicle


  • Every Superhero has their Sidekick… right? In the Detailing world, Synergy Worx Waterless Wash is the perfect Sidekick for ANY Detailer or Car Enthusiast! You’re not always going to have access to a hose where you can spend the time to properly Detail your car. Since this is a battle we all have to face when a dirty car is upon us, Synergy Worx Waterless Wash is the perfect solution!
  • Synergy Worx Waterless Wash can be used to clean the entire exterior surface of the car including windows, trim, metals, and wheels. Synergy Worx Waterless Wash is also the perfect solution for quick touch ups for bug guts, bird droppings, fresh tree sap, light road debris, and whatever else may come your way on the road. As an added bonus, we found that our Synergy Worx Waterless Wash is great to use as a “Detail Spray” on a Matte or Satin finish due to the high lubricity included in the formula.
  • For the best results, apply Synergy Worx Waterless Wash directly to the panel before working the product to a steak free finish with a Detailing Microfiber Towel. Always make sure there is enough Synergy Worx Waterless Wash on the panel before you begin so you don’t risk the chance of possibly scratching your paint. Continue to flip the Detailing Microfiber Towel to a clean side as you’re moving along, but when the Detailing Microfiber Towel begins to get dirty beyond use, time for a new one! For extra added shine, follow up with Synergy Worx Detail Spray over the entire exterior surface of the car.

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