Synergy Worx Spray Sealant

Lets face it, Spray Wax is old news. Instead of bringing a product back from the dead that our Dads used on their Pontiac Firebirds, we decided to come up with our Spray Sealant that does everything you’d expect from a Spray Wax but on an entirely new level! When using our Spray Sealant, you will be adding a durable level of protection to the surface it’s applied to along with a superior shine that can last up to 6 months! What we’re trying to say is, garbage day is coming soon… It’s time to let the Spray Wax go where it belongs!



Step 1:

Spray product on surface or on microfiber
Step 2
Work product into surface with microfiber
Step 3
Flip over microfiber to buff product off
Step 4
Enjoy a protected, glossy, and super slick finish!


  • Need some extra protection but don’t have the time to apply Synergy Worx Ceramic Paste Wax? Synergy Worx Spray Sealant is the perfect remedy when it comes to achieving fast and effective results. Not only is Synergy Worx Spray Sealant fast and easy to use, but it’s also cost effective at only $19.95! When comparing our Synergy Worx Spray Sealant to a traditional Spray Wax, the durability is second to none. With Synergy Worx Spray Sealant, you can expect a durable coat of protection that will last up to 6 months (instead of 1-2 months from a Spray Wax) along with a fresh scent of berries in the air every time you pull the trigger!
  • Synergy Worx Spray Sealant was designed to protect your paint, but it can also be used to protect your wheels. After the wheels have been thoroughly cleaned with Synergy Worx Wheel Cleaner, Synergy Worx Car Shampoo and Synergy Worx Detail Spray, top off everything with Synergy Worx Spray Sealant to give your wheels extra added protection against dirt, grime and brake dust!
  • For the best results, apply Synergy Worx Spray Sealant directly to the panel or to a Detailing Microfiber Towel before working the product to a steak free finish. Have a second Detailing Microfiber Towel ready to remove any excess product that may be left behind. Keep in mind, less is sometimes more with this stuff, so don’t go crazy spraying it everywhere… unless you can’t get enough of the smell!

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