Synergy Worx Interior Detailer

“Oh great! I can’t wait to use 10 different Interior products when I Detail my car later…” said no one ever. How about 1 Interior Detailer that covers all of the basics? Leather, vinyl, trim and plastic all cleaned and conditioned to its natural shine with 1 easy to use product!


Step 1:

Spray directly on interior or microfiber
Step 2
Wipe down surfaces until natural shine comes out
Step 3
Apply additional interior detail as required


  • Synergy Worx Interior Detailer is like a Detail Spray for interiors. When using Synergy Worx Interior Detailer, you can expect a streak free finish throughout the entire interior of the car. Cleaning everything from Leather, Vinyl, Trim and more; Synergy Worx Interior Detailer is the perfect product for any job inside your car!
  • We understand that time is of the essence. Knowing this, we wanted to offer a product that covers everything you need for the interior all in one bottle. Not only does Synergy Worx Interior Detailer clean, but it also protects! Leaving behind a nice coat of protection, you can now have a piece of mind knowing that even if your friend spills a drink inside your car, you won’t be stuck cleaning the interior for hours. Compared to other Interior Detailer products on the market that leave behind a greasy and glossy appearance, Synergy Worx Interior Detailer leaves behind a natural “like new” finish that is dry to the touch in seconds.
  • For the best results, confirm the area is cool to the touch prior to applying Synergy Worx Interior Detailer. Do not apply Synergy Worx Interior Detailer to a hot area as staining may occur. For the best results, apply Synergy Worx Interior Detailer directly to the area to be cleaned or to an All Purpose Microfiber Towel before working the product to a streak free finish. For the areas that need additional attention (such as cup holders, seat belt buckets, climate control buttons, etc…), use the Interior Detailing Brush to help agitate any build up before wiping the area clean with an All Purpose Microfiber Towel.


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