Synergy Worx Glass Cleaner


Step 1:

Spray product on surface or on microfiber
Step 2
Wipe down surface with Microfiber towel
Step 3
Flip over microfiber to buff product off
Step 4
Enjoy a glossy, slick finish!


  • Synergy Worx Glass Cleaner isn’t the most exciting product of the bunch, but it definitely comes in handy when you’re looking for glass with a steak free finish. Synergy Worx Glass Cleaner is safe to use on all windows including windows with Tint. When designing Synergy Worx Glass Cleaner, we we’re strict about offering an Eco-Friendly formula that leaves behind no harsh smells after being used.
  • Not only is Synergy Worx Glass Cleaner perfect to use when it comes to cleaning glass on the interior and exterior of your car, but you can also use Synergy Worx Glass Cleaner on things around the house such as Shower Doors, Mirrors, TV Screens, and Appliances.
  • For the best results, apply Synergy Worx Glass Cleaner directly to the area to be cleaned or to an All Purpose Microfiber Towel before working the product to a streak free finish. Keep in mind; less is sometimes more with this stuff. One or two sprays can go a long way!

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