Synergy Worx Ceramic Soap

Synergy Worx Ceramic Soap

The future is here! The future is now! The future is… Ceramic in your Soap? Yes! We developed an easy to use Ceramic Soap that carries similar characteristics one would find in a professional Ceramic Coating. All you have to do is wash your car upside down and it will now have a protective coating lasting up to 3 months! It’s almost as if you just had your car coated by a professional! Oh and by the way, you look silly over there. We were joking about the upside down part.

This is a professional grade product and should be treated as such. Make sure read the “How To Use” product on this page


Step 1:

Add 3oz of Ceramic Soap to 3 gallons of water in wash bucket
Step 2
Use dedicated wash mitt using the two bucket method
Step 3
Rinse vehicle off thoroughly making sure you rinse out door jams between body panels
Step 4
After thorough rinse, dry car normally with towel



  • When it comes to soap, there’s not much you can really talk about… unless it’s loaded with Sio2 like our Synergy Worx Ceramic Soap! We’re changing the game when it comes to Car Washing and we’re not afraid to let the world know! Synergy Worx Ceramic Soap is a revolutionary product that provides up to 6 months worth of protection from 1 single wash. For those that are not familiar with what Sio2 is, Sio2 is what provides a glossy shield of protection that can also be found in a professional Ceramic Coating. In other words, not only is Synergy Worx Ceramic Soap leaving your exterior surface looking great, but it’s going to protect everything as well!
  • Synergy Worx Ceramic Soap is ideal for Detailers maintaining a car that already has a Ceramic Coating, but it’s also perfect for the Car Enthusiast who may not want to spend the asking price for a professional grade Ceramic Coating. Being only $34.95, Synergy Worx Ceramic Soap is extremely cost effective when comparing to other options that provide similar results.
  • In order for the product to bond properly, we recommend preparing the entire exterior surface with Synergy Worx Car Shampoo prior to applying Synergy Worx Ceramic Soap. Once the surface is properly prepared, continue to wash the car with Synergy Worx Ceramic Soap and our Super Soft Wash Mitt utilizing the Two Bucket Wash Method. We do not recommend using a Foam Cannon or Foam Gun with our Synergy Worx Ceramic Soap as the soap should not sit on the exterior surface for any longer than it has to. If product is left on the exterior surface for an extended period of time or if the car is washed in direct sunlight, spotting may occur. After the car has been washed and rinsed thoroughly, dry the car with our Standard Drying Towel or our Super Drying Towel. For extra added shine, follow up with Synergy Worx Detail Spray over the entire exterior surface of the car.

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