Synergy Worx Ceramic Detail Spray

Synergy Worx Ceramic Detail Spray

You can spend a ton of money or spend half your day getting that professional auto detail or with 4 easy steps, get an absolute mirror look that will lasts for months!

Introducing our newest and one of the most exciting products Synergy Worx has to offer, Synergy Worx Ceramic Detail Spray! Ever since “Ceramic” has been introduced to the Detailing Industry, it has slowly been taking over the interest of Car Enthusiasts everywhere!

More protection, deeper gloss, better results, we designed a new Ceramic Detail Spray infused with Sio2 that will help provide an instant “WOW” factor when finishing off a Detail. Not only will it leave your jaw dropped, but it will protect your vehicles finish for up to 6 months in less than an hour!


Step 1: Apply product on any vehicle surface or directly on Microfiber towel

Step 2: Wipe down surface with Microfiber towel

Step 3: Flip over Microfiber towel to buff vehicles surface

Step 4: Enjoy a glossy, super slick finish!

Formulation- Revolutionary Ceramic based formula with Sio2 infusion.

Durability- 4 step application allows up to 6 months of protection!

Uses- On all exterior surfaces. Superior paint and surface protection.

Size- 16oz bottle with quick trigger Spray / Stream nozzle.

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