Gyeon Q2M PPF Wash

Gyeon Q2M PPF Wash - Washes and decontaminates in one step

Developed specifically for use on paint protection films

Removes dirt, road grime, and light iron deposits

Safe for use on paint and wheels, regardless of if they are coated

A dedicated PPF wash? Yes, please!

GYEON Q2M PPF WASH is a proprietary wash developed for the specific needs of paint protection films. Designed as a decontamination wash, GYEON Q2M PPF WASH uses a blend of foaming agents in conjunction with decontamination agents to gently remove dirt, road grime and light iron deposits in one simple step. GYEON Q2M PPF WASH is made for use on paint protection films, but works just as effectively on paint and wheels, regardless of if they are coated.

SAFE & SLICK! Aggressive on contamination – gentle on PPF!
While being effective against metal contamination on polyurethane film, Q2M PPF WASH remains a safe shampoo on all exterior surfaces. Its formula ensures generous suds for a slick wash routine on the rest of your vehicle, coated or not.

EASY TO USE! Advanced formulation – simple instructions
GYEON Q2M WASH is a 3 in 1 product – it will clean, decontaminate & restore original properties of your PPF or vinyl film. It might be used as foam or a traditional shampoo – making it a versatile maintenance solution for your vehicle.


  • Pour 20 to 30 ml (0.6 to 1 oz.) of product into a bucket filled with 10-15 liters (2.5 to 4 gallons) of water.
  • Mix the solution
  • Use the Q²M Smoothie to transfer the solution on your vehicle - proceed with your wash routine

*Q²M PPF Wash can also be used in foam cannon and foam guns

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