Gyeon Q2M PPF Maintain

Gyeon Q2M PPF Maintain is a silica based (SiO2) spray that is formulated for paint protected films and vinyl wraps, both glossy and matte. Gyeon Q2M PPF Maintain used advanced quartz technology, while still being easy-to-use. With self-cleaning abilities, Gyeon Q2M PPF Maintain can quite literally maintain coated films, lasting up to six weeks, leaving your surface slick and repellent. Easy-to-use and can be used on both wet and dry paint, there is no reason not to use Gyeon Q2M PPF Maintain.

There are a lot of cars out there and even more products to take care of them. There are times where you would need a dedicated matte cleaner, a paint cleaner and separate products for protection. But with Gyeon Q2M PPF Maintain you can save time and money by having all those options in one bottle.

Gyeon Q2M PPF Maintain is an SiO2 based spray that will provide and maintain incredible slickness to your PPF or vinyl film. Because it is SiO2 based, your surface will be hydrophobic, allowing for water to bead off your surface thus preventing contaminants from sticking around. This hydrophobicity will also provide protection against UV ray and oxidation.

Safe to use on paint protection film, glossy, matte, coated or noncoated surfaces, Gyeon Q2M PPF Maintain will extend and improve self-cleaning abilities. Not only that, but this product is safe to use on wet and dry paint, so there really isn’t an instance where you can’t use Gyeon Q2M PPF Maintain. It will enhance the finish, prolong durability and even help with removing streaks.

-Spray onto a microfiber towel.
-Wipe panel by panel.
*To be used as drying aid on a wet surface*
-Spray directly onto a drying towel.
-Dry off.

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