Gyeon Q2M Bathe

GYEON Q2M Bathe is a safe and effective pH-neutral car wash formula. Featuring ample lubrication and long-lasting suds, this car wash soap lifts and dissolves dirt leaving nothing behind but clean and shine! GYEON Q2M Bathe is wax, sealant, and coating safe, but it won’t leave a trace of dirt or residue behind!

Once you’ve coated your vehicle, you may not need to wax it for a year or so, but even a self-cleaning anti-static coating will need a maintenance wash every so often. You’ll want to use a car wash shampoo that gently washes away dirt and grime without compromising the integrity of your coating products. GYEON Q2M Bathe fits that bill, offering excellent cleaning ability that ramps up the shine and gloss of your coating.

GYEON Q2M Bathe is pH-neutral, making it a great choice for use on any vehicle, coated or not. The water soluble formula breaks up dirt, grime, and oils, so that you can wipe them away with your wash mitt. Since it’s concentrated, you get a great value, with one bottle yielding up to 35 washes!


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