Gyeon Q2 Trim

Gyeon Q2 Trim Coating

Significant, Long-Lasting Restoration Effect

Gyeon Trim is the only trim product on the market that is purely SiO2 based, providing long lasting protection while darkening and enriching the color of your plastic or rubber. Gyeon Trim has the same effect of most trim restorers, but it doesn't wash off like normal trim products. With Gyeon Trim, you can expect your car's trim to be protected for 12+ months.

Suitable for All Types of Plastic and Trim

The major difference between Q2 Trim and various offered trim restoring products is its pure SiO2 base. It does not leave oily layer on the trims surface, but strongly bonds with its structure, leaving a thick coat.

Protection against repeated fading is one of the primary features of Q2 Trim. A silicon dioxide-based product ensures high quality half-a-year protection against both oxidation of materials and destructive influence of chemicals.

Hydrophobic effect protects from color saturation and provides a smooth maintenance and technically eliminates the need to apply trim dressings - now they can look fresh and pleasant without any additional coats.

Q2 Trim has a formula that allows it to be applied different vehicle’s parts: on plastics with their own structure, unpainted, on so-called piano-black materials, which are most problematic to maintain, and on lamp- and headlights shades after renovation has been conducted. That unique quality is unlikely to be encountered in other available products.

Important Notes

  • Once the bottle of coating is opened, the curing process begins, even if you put the cap back on tightly. Once opened, you should use the coating within one month's time.
  • Please be sure to use all coatings as soon as you can from the time you receive them.
  • All coatings have a limited shelf life due to the chemical nature of how they crystallize. Look to use coatings within 4-6 months of receiving them (less if bottle is opened).

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