Gyeon Q2 Rim

Gyeon Q2 Rim Coating

Great Value and Performance

Gyeon Rim is one of the best wheel coatings on the market, especially at its price point. At Esoteric, we've been using Gyeon Rim for over 5 years, and it still is one of our favorites options for protecting our cars' wheels from dirt and debris. Gyeon Rim is a wheel-specific coating because of its ability to withstand the high heat that your car's brakes put off. On top of that, you can layer Gyeon Rim for added durability, and even apply it to brake calipers.

Gyeon Rim can be applied to all wheel types- powder coated, painted, polished, matte, satin, gloss, etc.

Similar to other genuine SiO2-based coatings, Q2 Rim has superb self-cleaning abilities. It results in reducing the amount of time needed to clean the wheels, and keeps then cleaner for longer.

 Important Notes

  • Once the bottle of coating is opened, the curing process begins, even if you put the cap back on tightly. Once opened, you should use the coating within one month's time.
  • Please be sure to use all coatings as soon as you can from the time you receive them.
  • All coatings have a limited shelf life due to the chemical nature of how they crystallize. Look to use coatings within 4-6 months of receiving them (less if bottle is opened).

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