Synergy Worx Detail Spray

Detail Spray is a must have in any Detailers arsenal. With that being said, we specifically designed our Detail Spray to be versatile across the board, Ceramic Coating friendly, and most importantly… easy to use! When using our Detail Spray, you can enjoy a streak free shine as a stand alone product or as a maintenance product to a car that has already been protected! As an added bonus, we infused a berry like scent that smells just as good as it performs!


Step 1:

Spray product on surface or on microfiber
Step 2
Wipe down surface with Microfiber towel
Step 3
Flip over microfiber to buff product off
Step 4
Enjoy a glossy, slick finish!


  • No matter who you are or what you do, there’s always something that is a must have in order to achieve success. Being a Detailer or a Car Enthusiast, Synergy Worx Detail Spray is that something! Being the most versatile product across the board, Synergy Worx Detail Spray can be used during almost every step throughout the entire Detailing process.
  • When developing our Synergy Worx Detail Spray, we we’re adamant about providing a product that will leave behind a streak free shine that is unparalleled by any other Detail Spray on the market! We designed Synergy Worx Detail Spray to look good, smell great and work AMAZING! Not only can Synergy Worx Detail Spray be used on paint, but it can also be used on any exterior surface including windows, trim, metals, wheels, and more! For an added bonus, our Synergy Worx Detail Spray works great as Clay Bar Lube. Instead of having 2 separate products (Detail Spray and Clay Bar Lube), we decided it would be cost effective by offering one product that covers both.
  • For the best results when using a Synergy Worx Detail Spray as a Clay Bar Lube, simply apply Synergy Work Detail Spray to each panel before putting the Clay Bar to work. This will help ensure a slick surface so the Clay Bar can maneuver back and forth easier without dragging along a dry surface. If you notice the Clay Bar is not gliding across smoothly, apply more Synergy Worx Detail Spray! For the best results when finishing off a Detail, apply Synergy Worx Detail Spray directly to the panel or to a Detailing Microfiber Towel before working the product to a steak free finish. Keep in mind, less is sometimes more with this stuff, so don’t go crazy spraying it everywhere… unless you can’t get enough of the smell!


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