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Most everyone tackles Spring Cleaning for their home. But have you thought about the same for your vehicle? The winter season can really do a number on any vehicle. Here’s everything you need to get started.

Your DIY Vehicle Spring Cleaning checklist


 Declutter and organize
 Vacuum and dust
 Clean rubber mats, seats, consoles, interior windows


 Overall exterior wash
 Wash tires
 Remove salt and bug stains
 Wax and detail

    Pro Tip: Make sure to separate your rags and buckets while you clean!

    Start from the inside out, with your interior clean. Doing the grunt work first will make your entire process go so much smoother.

    Declutter and organize

    It’s easy for your car to fill up with old receipts, fast food wrappers, plastic bottles, clothing and more. Get a trash bag and remove the garbage, have another bag on hand for anything that needs to be put away elsewhere. Consider adding organizers in the vehicle where you get the most clutter, especially in the trunk for things like grocery bags, blankets and emergency gear.

    Vacuum and dust

    Next, vacuum up the dirt throughout the vehicle, going over the seats and floorboards, making sure to get into the cracks. Wipe down any dust prior to detailing.

    Clean rubber mats, seats, consoles, interior windows

    Pull out your rubber mats, hose them down, and while they dry, tackle the remainder of the interior. Start by wiping down all interior trim and console surfaces.We recommend Nextzett Plastic Deep Cleaner. This concentrated deep cleaner removes grime buildup from interior trim such as the dashboard, steering wheel, shift knob, arm rests and pedals without harsh chemicals. It removes rubber scuff marks and revives color and leaves an anti-static finish. Plus, it’s biodegradable and silicone-free.


    Nextzett Plastic Deep Cleaner


    Have leather seating?

    We recommend using Nextzett Leather Care to clean, condition, protect and maintain the natural look and feel of all your automotive leather trim and furniture. It removes grime build-up that can deteriorate leather over time and prevents leather from drying and becoming brittle using conditioners and UV protectants. Plus, it leaves a clean, non-greasy finish with a pleasant lavender and sandalwood scent!


    Nextzett Leather Care


    Lastly, clean the interior glass. We recommend using Sonax Glass Cleaner, which eradicates exhaust film, nicotine film, insects, and dirt from windshields and windows. This phosphate-free formula leaves a streak-free shine for optimum visibility. Use it on household glass, too!

    Also handy: A microfiber waffle-weave window/glass/drying towel.

      Sonax Glass Cleaner


    Now, time to move to the exterior of your vehicle. Make sure to park your car in a shady location out of the sun. To prepare, keep plenty of rags on hand and ensure you have at least two buckets of water and washing solution to keep dirty and clean separate. 

    Also handy: Grit Guard Bucket Inserts to keep dirt where it belongs – at the bottom of the bucket.


    Overall exterior wash

    First, start with an overall exterior wash, from the roof down. Wash and rinse the car in sections to avoid the soap's drying on the surface before you spray it off. Finish it off by cleaning the rearview mirrors and exterior windows. 

    For your car wash, we recommend Gtechniq Gwash, which produces a high foam content,  breaking the bond between the dirt film and your vehicle’s paintwork, lubricating dirt particles and minimizing surface abrasion. Used in conjunction with Gtechniq coatings, GWash will ensure maximum gloss retention through reduced micro scratching during the wash process.

    Also handy:This 10"x10" Cyclone Wash Pad.

    Gtechniq Gwash


    Wash and check tires

    Next, get your tires. Wet them with your hose and then spray a wheel and tire cleaner onto them. Let the solution sit for a minute or two and then wash and rinse them. Don’t forget to check the tire tread and air pressure while you’re at it!

    We recommend Sonax Wheel Cleaner Plus, which we’ve found to be the most advanced Wheel Cleaner on the market. It’s 30% stronger and works much faster as compared to any "performance" wheel cleaner on the market! 

    Also handy:This microfiber edgeless dual-pile metal polishing towel.


    Sonax Wheel Cleaner Plus 

    Remove salt and bug stains

    Chances are your vehicle is full ofbugs, sap, soot, road grime, and/or road salt. We recommend Nextzett Anti Insekt Bug and Sap Remover to remove them. This premium cleaner does sowithout the use of petroleum solvents that can strip wax finishes and dull the paint finish. It contains special cleaners that soften and loosen bugs without the need for abrasive bug sponges that can scratch the paint finish. It can be used on all painted surfaces, headlamps, chrome, glass, rubber and plastic surfaces, and won't strip polishes, waxes or sealants and won't affect coatings or paint protection film (PPF). Plus, it’s water-based, biodegradable and formaldehyde-free!


    Nextzett Bug and Sap Remover


    When you dry your vehicle, use a towel designed to soak up water better than a regular towel and help prevent water spots.

    We recommend the Twist N' Shout Lavender Twist Loop Drying Towel, with quality detailing microfiber delivering a level of absorbency previously only imagined. The huge 25" x 36" size and dense, totally lint-free 550gsm weight are perfect for high-performance Automotive/Boat/RV Drying. Add rounded corners and TRC's exclusive world-class ButterSoft™ 70/30 Suede Border and the Twist N' Shout is truly in a league of its own.


    Twist n Shout Lavender Drying Towel


    Wax and detail

    Waxing your car protects the paint and finish. In essence, it seals the exterior and protects it from the elements, UV rays, salt, splattered insects and bird droppings, while it leaves the car looking shiny and new.

    We recommend Renegade Products Rebel Spray Wax, made with a refined Carnauba blend, and is what you would typically refer to as an instant detailer. It's used to make the paint on your semi truck, pickup truck or show car shine. This spray wax is water based and does not leave a film or residue on the surface. It also helps to prevent water spots and the build-up of road debris and grime on your vehicle. Plus, it’s safe to use on your headlights and vinyl accessories – and can be applied to your windshield will help repel rainwater!


    Renegade Spray Wax


    Ready to get started on your spring cleaning?

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